NCAA FOOTBALL: Pacific Life Holiday Bowl DEC 30

Oklahoma State has historically been known as "Running back University" because of its great history of running backs. 

Over the past few seasons they've been the top rushing team in the Big 12 and returns their top rusher from 2008 in senior Kendall Hunter. 

Hunter missed a majority of last season due to an ankle injury that occurred early on in the season. The Cowboys still managed to be close to the top of the Big 12 thanks in part too Keith Toston and Beau Johnson who both graduated. 

However, Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy made a decision that could potentially change the entire outlook of the Cowboy offense. After getting thrashed by Houston early in the season, Gundy stole their offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen.

Holgorsen's offensive style is built around the passing game, using a barrage of pass plays from screens, to deep routes. 

Gundy has reportedly handed over full control of the Cowboy offense to Holgorsen. But what does that mean for Hunter, who finally gets his starting job back now has to wonder what is going to happen to his number of carries. 

A new quarterback in junior Brandon Weeden and a receiving core that only has one season of experience are now the top weapons in the Cowboy offense. This could end up leaving Hunter out of the mix other than as a decoy.

The running game can survive however if Holgorsen is willing to use Hunter's speed and ball skills to his advantage. The reigns of the Cowboy offense is in the hands of a new man and fans are going to have to get used to even a more high octane offense. 

This should be a solid return to form from their 2008 season where they led the Country in scoring. Hunter is the only returning player that controlled that offense and hopefully will be able to carry the offense to new heights again.